Corrosion Protection with Eco-friendly Conversion Coatings

BONDERITE, provides an extensive range of chrome-free conversion coatings based on zirconium or titanium for treating non-ferrous alloys. The process provides excellent corrosion resistance and paint adhesion with increased process stability.

An Extensive Range of Chrome-free Conversion Coatings

Henkel offers a wide range of BONDERITE chrome-free conversion coatings for the pretreatment of aluminum and aluminum alloys. The non chromate conversion coatings for aluminum form an integral step in the overall manufacturing process, especially prior to painting.

Coating can be performed using spray or immersion techniques. The process provides an excellent base for the bonding of adhesives and organic finishes helping to ensure an excellent result and a hard-wearing, corrosion-free surface. BONDERITE also supplies a wide range of coating products that offer a variety of finishes and meet the needs of different markets and environmental requirements.

The large range includes products that ensure high-quality, robust finishes on all types of aluminum alloys. BONDERITE’s liquid products are supplied with automatic dosing equipment for easy application, avoiding wastage, ensuring operator safety and helping to maintain a healthy working environment.

The Benefits of Chrome-free Conversion Coatings

BONDERITE chrome-free conversion coatings can be performed using spray or immersion techniques and a variety of finishes can be obtained to meet the needs of any market worldwide.

The key features include:

  • Liquid product
  • Eco-friendly process with low power consumption
  • High AL level in solution
  • Optional low-temperature operation of the pretreatment line
  • Low aluminum dissolution
  • Easy rinsing with no requirement for a final rinse
  • No foaming or and fuming during application
  • Automatic feeding
  • Low raw material consumption
  • Analytical control

Aluminum Degreasing

Mild alkaline liquid and powder products for removing surface contamination.

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BONDERITE process control equipment - a full range of application equipment and digital process control systems.

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Laboratory Services

Continous support from project to production, state-of-the-art surface analysis and standard control procedures.

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Reduced Environmental Impact – Improved Health, Safety and Efficiency

The Henkel chrome-free product range matches the requirements of chrome-coated components; as the process uses the less water and energy than traditional electro-plating technology, it also addresses REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and restriction of Chemicals) regulations and provides process costs advantages for customers.