BONDERITE Etching Technology

Etching aluminum is an important step in the anodising process. Etching includes cleaning the aluminum surface, removing all alloy metals that could create interference during the anodising stage.

The cleaning process also removes contaminants from the metal surface, such as oils. BONDERITE strong alkaline liquid products are developed specifically for aluminum to create different finishes from semi gloss to E6 matt.

Etching Aluminum Explained

In addition and within the treatment time, it is possible to achieve different grades to create the required aesthetic appearance. Based on its etching experience, Henkel has developed specific etching products for aluminum that deliver greater advantages compared with traditional products. The high level of aluminum in the solution ensures a high-quality surface finish.

BONDERITE etching aluminum products have high environmental credentials: High aluminum dissolution during the process reduces sludge in the wastewater, saving costs in wastewater management and reducing water consumption. Additionally, high aluminum dissolution reduces product consumption and increases cost savings.

A wide range of operational conditions guarantees high quality for all kinds of Al alloys. BONDERITE etching aluminum solutions are available in liquid form with automatic dosing equipment, which makes life easy for workers, increasing safety and keeping them healthy.

Benefits of BONDERITE's Etching Aluminum Process

BONDERITE ETCHING aluminum solutions offers the following specific benefits for the aluminum industry compared to traditional products:

  • Liquid or powder products
  • Very matt finish
  • High Al level in solution produces high quality finish
  • Low aluminum dissolution
  • Reduced sludge in wastewater
  • Cost savings in wastewater management
  • Lower water consumption
  • Increased worker safety
  • High rinsability
  • No foam and fumes during etching process
  • Automatic dosing equipment
  • Easy to apply
  • Low product consumption
  • Analytical control
  • High tank span life
  • Less renewal

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