BONDERITE E-AP APNR - Maximum Output for Minimum Space

BONDERITE E-AP APNR is the most economical system to improve the performance of your line with minimum space requirements. The system is a mist applicator of a solution containing an adhesion promoter / conversion coating, which does not require any rinse and is ideal for small lines (3-4 metal pretreatment steps).

It upgrades the capabilities of the line by depositing the solution on parts at the end of the pretreatment process. This innovative drop-in-place misting equipment allows for installation where space is tight and offers a constant application of fresh chemicals. It is usually applied to any kind of small scale cleaner coating line.

Main features and benefits of the BONDERITE E-AP APNR:

  • No space constraint – applied by misting after the final step, using misting nozzles
  • APNR works at room temperature
  • No bath monitoring needed: fresh chemicals always misted on parts
  • New Generation Coatings (NGC) are dosed into RO or DI water mist to improve adhesion and corrosion protection
  • APNR allows short plants to benefit from NGC performance
  • It brings high flexibility as it is suitable for various processes
  • Low acquisition and installation costs


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APNR - Adhesion Promoter No Rinse

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