Wide Range of Application Equipment

BONDERITE offers a complete range of application equipment, digital process control, pretreatment support equipment and other speciality systems, which can easily be integrated into your existing manufacturing processes. The equipment is designed to control the metal pretreatment process for BONDERITE products. Baths can be analysed precisely, adjusted efficiently or even automatically. Remote access and monitoring is also possible.

The BONDERITE equipment package is composed of three elements: basic, modular and customised lines.

The BONDERITE E-CO DMC is a process control system, enabling you to run a complex chemical process cascade with up to 15 or more stages. The system is equipped with an intuitive touch screen PLC interface, plus support laptop, tablet or smartphone interfaces.

The user interface supports remote monitoring and set point adjustments to control the process. Email alert notifications can be sent to selected individuals with required information only. This system underlines Henkel's total solution approach and our commitment to supporting customers as they implement Industry 4.0.

BONDERITE E-CO DMC can be used to measure up to various independent variables and includes:

  • Display data from Lineguard 97, Lineguard ST4 & analog transmitters
  • Data management
  • Dosing pump management
  • Levels management
  • Alarm management
  • Multilingual interface
  • Accessible via Internet (LAN, WAN, SIM)
  • Automatic email in case of alarms
  • Manual values from customer
  • Tailored access customer & Henkel
  • Database completely FREE (internal)
  • Full service supplier (H&S)
  • Accessible via smartphone & tablet
  • Completely integrated  with the customer's existing devices and signals.

Dosages can also be implemented automatically using a special window to correlate analysed manual data with an output.

Technical characteristics

  • Size: 400 mm / 600 mm / 250 mm
  • Weight: 12.5 Kg
  • Point I/O: 
  •     -  n°1 for input signal
  •     -  n°1 for output signal
  • Data tracking internal data storage system
  • Numerical report
  • Graphic report
  • Consumption report
  • Alert mail
  • Connections local
  •     -  LAN
  •     -  WAN / INTERNET
  •     -  SIM card
  •     -  Smartphone
        -  Tablet
  •     -  BOX
  •     -  AISI 304 steel housing to meet IP65 standard.

Operating environment

  • 0°C ÷ 40°C (32°F ÷ 104°F)
  • 0 ÷ 95% (no condensation) relative humidity

BONDERITE E-CO AT05 - Our new industrial general purpose inline titrator. The system efficiently manages up to six sampling lines. It is built into a robust stainless steel cabinet to facilitate a long service life and is equipped with an on-board controller. It employs measurements like free+total acidity & free+total alkalinity and can run on automatic dosing and self-calibration. This titrator enables quantitative, selective and volumetric analysis of acid and base.

Main features and benefits of the BONDERITE E-CO AT05:

  • Reduces manual additions and chemical handling
  • Manages up to 6 sampling lines
  • Sampling can be done automatically and manually
  • Equipped with two measuring sensors
  • Automatic self-calibration
  • Touch screen
  • Excellent data management and KPI tracking through LAN and WLAN
  • Internal data storage
  • Low level alarm and further configurable alarms
  • Chemical feed pump control

BONDERITE E-AP APNR is the most economical system to improve the performance of your line with minimum space requirements. The system is a mist applicator of a solution containing an adhesion promoter / conversion coating, which does not require any rinse and is ideal for small lines (3-4 metal pretreatment steps).

It upgrades the capabilities of the line by depositing the solution on parts at the end of the pretreatment process. This innovative drop-in-place misting equipment allows for installation where space is tight and offers a constant application of fresh chemicals. It is usually applied to any kind of small scale cleaner coating line.

Two options are available:

  • BONDERITE E-AP APNR Compact Unit

Main features and benefits of the BONDERITE E-AP APNR:

  • No space constraint – applied by misting after the final step, using misting nozzles
  • APNR works at room temperature
  • No bath monitoring needed: fresh chemicals always misted on parts
  • Improves adhesion and corrosion performance. To the RO or demi water mist can be added a dry in place New Generation Coatings (NGC), improving the adhesion and corrosion resistance
  • APNR allows short plants to benefit from NGC performance
  • It brings high flexibility as it is suitable for various processes
  • Low acquisition and installation costs

BONDERITE E-CO ST4 is a modular system device that can be used to measure up to four different, independent variables, including:

  • pH measurement
  • contact conductivity measurement
  • conductivity measurement with inductive technology (free maintenance)

In the two standard configurations - designed for cycle control with four active zones, or cycle control with three active zones plus washing with demineralised water, coupled with (VCL or) VMS-MF electronic dosing pump - this system is one of the most advanced in terms of control and dosing of concentrated products in prepainting treatment of metals.

All calibration and parameter settings are carried out by pressing the lexan buttons on the front: It no longer works via trimmer, which means the device's level of protection is higher than the traditional standard. Output connections are configurable via the keypad, as are the set points, maximum alarms, minimum alarms, the PWM, and pulse output. A special, password-protected menu allows measures to be converted into arbitrary scales, for example: conductimetry in % of product.


  • pH HF-resistant, for dip or spray application
  • mS high conductivity for spray or dip application
  • uS low conductivity for spray or dip application

The keypad can be used to set timed washing cycles for the pH electrode. The BONDERITE E-CO ST4 is enabled to interface with Digilog® 8.02, the new data collection system.

Technical characteristics

  • Size: 300X260X120 mm
  • Weight: 2.5 Kg
  • Display: Backlit alphanumeric LCD, two 16-character lines
  • Relay output:
  •     -  four, for ON-OFF and PWM regulation for each of the four measurements
  •     -  four, configurable as alarm (NC)
  •     -  one, configurable as self-cleaning (NC)
  • Outputs: two, 0-20 or 4-20 mA
  • Serial connection: RS 232


The BONDERITE E-CO ST4 comes in ABS plastic housing to meet the IP65 standard.

Operating environment

  • 0°C ÷ 40°C (32°F ÷ 104°F)
  • 0 ÷ 95% (no condensation) relative humidity


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